Cover 2017-07-16

Ron Writes

Date Your Spouse

One of the keys to a good marriage is spending time with one another. You dated before you were married and “fell in love”, so it makes sense to continue. This can be especially difficult after the kids come, but it still needs to be a priority. Finding good activities that don’t cost anything is easy here in Oregon.

Go for a walk. There are so many beautiful parks and walking trails. The Oregon City Promenade is one of our favorites and offers a great stroll with amazing views of the Willamette River, Downtown, and Willamette Falls. Start at the elevator and head south to the falls. If you still have time when you get back to the elevator, take the free ride down and take a look at downtown. It’s kid friendly and free. If you’re up for more of a challenge, there are scores of hiking trails to explore, many within minutes of Oregon City.

Go for an adventure. Be sure to check out the Oregon City Library Cultural Pass Program (503-657-8269, ext. 1013). You can call ahead and a reserve a pass to a wide variety of amazing places. You can get free passes for the Oregon Gardens, the Lan Su Chinese Garden, Pittock Mansion, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum and other places of interest. It’s easy, but you should check out the details at the Library.

Take a drive. There’s something to see in every direction. The Columbia Gorge Scenic Hwy offers breathtaking views of some of the world’s greatest waterfalls. In a little over an hour, you can be at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. Explore downtown Portland or one of the many colorful neighborhoods. Take a walk down Alberta Street or 23rd Ave. – (tip, anywhere where there’s a “Salt-n-Straw Ice Cream) or go check out the downtowns of some of the smaller cities (I’d suggest McMinnville or Dallas for example).

The point is to find an activity that allows you to talk with one another and what a bonus when it’s a fun activity that you can share and enjoy together. A little creativity and you have a lifetime memory.

Of course, you can always grab a bite to eat and go to the movies.