Cover 2017-06-11

Class of 2017

Congratulations Graduates!

Hector Gandara

Gandara Academy

Hector was homeschooled by his parents. He also attended several classes at the Kumon School. He received several Kumon Reading and Math Mastery Awards. He has also received numerous Karate awards. He has had the unique experience of traveling back and forth between two churches each week. He worships here at OC and also with the Hispanic group at Keizer. He doesn’t have a career in mind yet, but for now plans to get a job close by. Whatever he does, his overall aim is to serve people in the name of the Lord.

Connie Nickell

Clackamas High School

Connie is an “OSAA Foundation Activity Scholar” (cumulative GPA of 3.5 and participated in OSAA activities). She completed all the math courses they had available. She participated in varsity choir. She was also able to earn 32 credit hours through PSU dual enrollment. She could do all this and she participated in nearly every church activity. She has been a wonderful Christian example and has been at the core of our youth group. She hasn’t chosen a career or a college yet.


One of our members earned a “Master's Degree” this year. Congratulations to: Kristina Headrick, Master of Social Work