Cover 2017-04-30

Ron Writes

DIY – Marriage Fixer Upper

Recently, I remodeled one of our bathrooms. I’m not a carpenter, but I needed to do the work myself. Fortunately, years ago I discovered that you can learn to do just about anything on YouTube. I watched all the videos on tiling floors very carefully. I knew what I wanted to do. I was ready. I could pass any written test you could have handed me. However, when I got started it wasn’t nearly as easy as they made it appear on the videos. I had Quickset all over me and everything else. I had knowledge, but I didn’t have skill. It was a slow start, but by the time I had put down the last tile, I was getting pretty good at it. Skill comes by practice.

Knowledge isn’t skill. Knowledge isn’t wisdom. We need wisdom and skill. Wisdom is skill in everyday living.

Marriage is often a lot like my tile job. We start off thinking we have it all together. We love each other so much; our marriage won’t be that hard. Then reality sets in and marriage gets real. We didn’t realize just how messy it can be. It can be miserable for a while. We fight more and begin to believe that things can never change. However, if we stick with it we begin to realize that if I change the way I’m doing things it can get better. At last, we develop enough skills that we know we’ll make it. We’re still not perfect, but we’re getting better.

Driving a car takes a little more than knowing where the accelerator and the brake are and how to steer. It takes practice to become a good driver. Being a pilot or a doctor or any kind of skilled laborer takes a lot of knowledge. But with that knowledge you must add hours of practice. I’m not getting into a plane with someone who has never flown before, no matter how smart he is or how many aviation certificates he may have earned.

Marriage takes knowledge, but it takes more than that - it takes wisdom. Wisdom comes by practice. Don’t give up and pretty soon you might get pretty good at it. Marriages aren’t made in heaven, they come in a kit and you have to put them together yourself. Read the directions and don’t give up!