Cover 2017-03-05

Ron Writes

Happy Anniversary!!!

We have been blessed with 30 years together. How has the time passed so fast? I’m so thankful to be your preacher. I love anniversaries.

Anniversaries are a time to remember. We have so many great memories together. Some of us could play the “do you remember” game for hours. I could write pages. Special times, special events. Good times and some bad times. Like a marriage, we have been through sickness and health. Anniversaries remind us to thank God for the wonderful memories.

Anniversaries remind us of changes. Some are obvious. When we first came to OC, I had brown hair and a memory that worked. Our kids were in 5th grade and kindergarten. Now our kids are grown and we have 5 grandchildren. There have been so many transitions, births, weddings, and funerals. Many have come and many have left. These are the obvious changes. There have also been changes of the heart and attitudes. I hope we have all matured and grown to be more like Jesus. I hope I’m a better preacher today than when I arrived. Anniversaries remind of change. Change is important.

Anniversaries tell us we need each other. We have made it this far because we have been able to lean on one another. We have gotten insight, discernment, support, love and encouragement from one another. “When one has a heartache, we’ve all shed a tear.” We have seen one another at our best and also at our worst. We have prayed for one another and pointed one another to God. Anniversaries are good reminders that we haven’t come this far alone.

Anniversaries lift our eyes to the future. Where there’s a 30, there can be a 31. We have had dreams and goals that we have reached together. A wonderful past tells us that we can have a tremendous future. Anniversaries remind us that the best is still to come. May God continue to bless our time together.