Cover 2017-02-26

Ron Writes

Financial Committee

It’s a good thing that the church has talented members who are willing to do some of the more difficult, technical tasks. Taking care of the church’s finances is one of those areas. As you read this report, it might become apparent by my explanation that I have a limited knowledge of accounting.

For many years Amy Moran has served as our treasurer. She has been very faithful in her service. We are very thankful for her knowledge and ability. The church here has been assisted by a series of treasurers throughout the years. All of them have given hours of dedicated accounting.

Over the years as the church has grown and the budgets have gotten larger, the task of taking care of the church’s financial obligations has gotten larger and more complicated. It has been decided that we will switch from a single treasurer to a financial committee to cover the church’s finances. The committee will be overseen by the elders with John Jones specifically leading this group.

Amy Moran will stay on to do the accounting and balance the books.

Joshua Partlow will take care of accounts receivable. He will be writing checks and making sure the church’s obligations are properly covered. Faithful members will be selected to count the contribution and report the weekly totals.

With this series of checks and balances put in place, those caring for the church’s money will be protected. The church should be confident that their finances are being faithfully handled by qualified members. If you have any questions regarding this new financial committee, please direct them to John Jones.