Cover 2017-02-05

Ron Writes

I Need You

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be asked to come together for the good of the church. Next Sunday will be a day to come together and talk about our service together. We will talk about who we are and how to get better. How does the OC church look like Jesus? What are our strengths and weaknesses? It should be an encouraging afternoon of insightful discussion with one another. It will also be a time to encourage every member to use their talents for the ministries of the church. You are needed to be part of the discussion. I will be encouraged by your presence. Be part of our congregational discussions.

Then, the following weeks, we’ll begin our next TWO42 session. We will be talking about “Communication.” What can we learn from one another about communication? How can we improve our communication with one another? How can we communicate more like Jesus? Be part of a TWO42 group.

I need you. I need to be encouraged by hearing your ideas and insights into the work of the church. I need to learn from you how to be a better communicator. We desperately need one another. We need to pray for and with one another. We need to worship with one another, and we also need to seek to be part of each other’s lives in even more ways. We need to serve one another and learn from each other. We need to be able to cry with one another and laugh with one another. There is someone who needs you today. In the next few weeks may we gather together for fellowship, encouragement, for the desire to get to know one another better. May we reach out to one another as we seek to glorify God!