Cover 2016-12-18

Ron Writes

Do You Remember This? (part 2)

We began last week looking over the highlights of 2016. Let’s continue as I ask once again, “Do you remember this…?

God’s Word has been proclaimed. Besides me, you have heard lessons from Josh Partlow, Chad Murphy, Jake Doberenz, Joel Davis, Mike Shank, John Jones and of course, Nathan Shank. We finished a series on Revelation: “Victory in Jesus.” I had the 30th annual series on the family with “Team Marriage.” There was a short series from Proverbs: “Choose Wisely” and a new series was started on the Gospel of Luke: “That You May Know.” Josh Partlow finished a series on Daniel and started another from the Gospel of John on the 3rd Sunday night of each month. Then you can add “My Favorite Sermon” series, Q&A and ASBA.

We were able to get to know one another better with two sessions of TWO42. At the beginning of the year we talked about “How to be a Friend,” then we have recently finished a discussion on “Fear.” A big thanks to all our hosts!

Do you remember our ASBA, “Faith High, the Class of 2016?” How about our Memorial Day picnic at Silver Falls State Park? Daniel and Mei Lamarr exchanged wedding vows in June (18th). We had a fabulous 4th of July celebration at Bob and Ruth Reynolds where we were also able to honor their 60th anniversary. There have been so many memorable things: Backpack Buddies, kickball, trunk or treat, ESL, blood drive, Parent’s Night Out, Workdays, and 5th Sunday singings. There’s so much, I’m afraid I’ve left some things out. Have I mentioned your best memory? It wasn’t all fun, we had to say goodbye to our longtime friend and sister, Georgeanne Lemarr (July 2). Overall, it’s been a mighty good year. Thank you God!