Cover 2016-12-11

Ron Writes

Do You Remember This?

This will be the 30th time I’m asking you to join me in looking back over a past year. 2016 has been full, so it’s hard to know where to start.

Much of our attention was focused on the tragedy of Nathan’s drowning on March 10. After hours, days, and weeks of prayer, God responded and so did Nathan. It has been a triumph. We have been watching Nathan slowly recover. God is good!

There have been a number of baptisms this year. We rejoice with God with every single one: Mei Chen Lemarr (1-21), Berenrica Lopez (2-14), Sergio Lozano (2-15), John Burnham (3-27), Lynn Burnham (3-27), Terri Drake (7-20), Charlie Swalwell (9-28), Kassie Treat (10-2), and Diana Gandara (10-26).

We have been blessed with babies: Grayce Marie Sharp (1-24), Aubree Morgan Neill (6-7), and Renae Marie Ruddiman (10-13). And there’s more on the way!

Even with Nathan’s accident, the teens managed to have a great year. All of our students had scholarships to go to Camp Yamhill. Did you learn to crochet this year? There were bar-b-ques and other parties and hiking. Do you remember the great TNT? Have you stopped to look at the new TV in the foyer with videos of teen activities? Of course, whatever the church is involved with the teens are right there lending their support.

The Young at Heart group began meeting in August. There has been a gathering every month since then.

The ladies have been very active. There has been bunko, dinner and a movie, a progressive dinner, craft days and so much more.

…to be continued next week…