Cover 2016-11-20

Ron Writes

Overcoming Evil With Good

A friend’s wife was in a car accident this week. She is okay and the car can be repaired. However, the passenger of the vehicle that hit her, got out, and proceeded to hit his wife in the face. The perpetrator then got back in their car and left the scene. Three kind witnesses stayed with his wife and gave testimony to the police. One of the witnesses brought dinner to them that night with enough leftovers for the next day. The witness was a Christian. The first part of this story brings the vigilante in me to the surface. The second half reminds me that even in low moments there is kindness to be found in Christ and His followers. I’m so impressed by this Christian’s witness.

What does our behavior tell others about our Savior? The most powerful and effective Christians are those who allow themselves to be used by the Lord in His service. Our world desperately needs more useful Christians. What a difference we can make when we try to be like Jesus. What a difference we could make if we decided to stop attacking what we hate and started promoting the One we love and let Jesus shine through us. What does our behavior tell others about our Savior?

May this prayer by my friend Jeff Jenkins, be our prayer too: “Dear Father, help me to be kind to those around me today; to my family, to my friends, to my coworkers, and to those I don’t know. Help me to live like Jesus so that others will want to know Him. Help me, dear God, to say something kind to someone who needs to hear a kind word. Help me to encourage someone who is hurting today. Help me to do something kind for someone who is hurting. Forgive me for the times I have failed you. Please, dear God, help me to be better today than I was yesterday, and better tomorrow than I am today. Help me to grow in my faith, to trust You more, and to love You more. Help me to glorify You in all of my words, actions, and thoughts, In Jesus Name, Amen."