Cover 2016-10-30

Ron Writes

Deacons Communication Nights


To assist the elders in overseeing the work of the church by reporting to them what the deacons have been doing in their ministries. To find out if the elders need to assist them in completing their tasks. These are not “business meetings.” As these are communication nights, the men have been invited to join the meetings to encourage and be informed of the works of the church. In addition, each deacon will be invited to meet privately with the elders at least once a year.


Beginning January 24, 2017

The meetings will change from monthly to quarterly (next meeting after January will be April 25).

The entire church will be invited to attend. To improve communication, our women will be asked to attend to hear firsthand how our ministries are progressing.

The agenda will remain the same. One or two deacons will be asked to give a more detailed accounting of their ministries and the other deacons and ministry leaders will be asked to give a summary report of their work. Brief questions and comments for the deacons will then be allowed. A published agenda will be followed to keep the meetings to one hour.

This is not the time to share concerns or complaints regarding any of our ministries. If you have a situation that concerns you, please ask the elders to meet with you. The elders are always available to every one of our members.

If you have new ministry ideas, please address those to the elders. Again, the communication night is not to decide the business of the church.

If you have a question regarding the Deacon Communication Night or the ministries of the church, please feel free to contact the elders (John Jones, Ron Murphy and Steve Partlow).