Cover 2016-10-09

Ron Writes

Before Victory

The walls came crashing down! Jericho had fallen. Jericho, from a military perspective was impossible. Chapter 6 tells us of the fall of Jericho, but the real battle was in chapter 5. If not for chapter 5, there would be no chapter 6. Public battles are won in private. Battles are won in the preparation.

Get right with God. The first command was circumcision (Josh. 5:2-9). For 40 years, those born in the wilderness were not circumcised. This had great spiritual significance. Circumcision took a total commitment. These weren’t just babies, they were adults. It was a surrender of their heart to God.

Worship God. They partook of the Passover (Josh. 5:10-12). People who are right with God, worship God. They were commanded to be circumcised, but not to observe the Passover. When you get your heart right, the rest takes care of itself. This was their feast of remembrance of their deliverance from Egypt. We have our weekly feast of remembrance in the Lord’s supper.

Be on God’s side. The captain of the host of the Lord confronted Joshua. Joshua asked him, “are you on our side?” To paraphrase, God’s messenger, said, “I didn’t come to take sides, I came to take over.” God doesn’t want to be part of your life, He wants you to be part of His. If God is your “co-pilot” then you need to switch seats.

There are no instant victories. Christianity is a process. Baptism is a new birth. Spiritual victory doesn’t happen overnight. You come to Bible class confident that you have the answers, but there are no instant scholars. You must read, study and “wrestle with God.”

Before victory, comes consecration. Get right with God. Worship Him. Be on His side.