Cover 2016-06-26

Tonight’s Sermon
What does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality?
by Ron Murphy

Doesn’t everyone know what the Bible says about homosexuality? Why waste our time? Will this just be a gay bashing session? Good questions, but here are a number of reasons to take another look at this topic. Please join us tonight.

Clarity. I read an article this week by a denominational preacher who said the Bible is not clear on this subject. Even Christians I know have shared articles implying that the Bible doesn’t have much to say to our generation on the topic. Revisionist explanations are being offered that have confused some Christians. Teens sometimes ask, “I know it’s a sin, but is it really that wrong?” Since Christian sexual ethics is an important topic in Scripture, we should know specifically what the Bible teaches.

Compassion. There are some who struggle with same-sex attraction. I have known many Christians over the years who received no compassion for the temptations they faced. Some have done well, but others have ended in disaster. The church is a place where we can share anything and bear each other’s burdens. We don’t always get to choose our temptations, but we can choose how to respond. The deep feelings of loneliness, brokenness and being displeasing to God are too much to handle alone. The goal is not to get rid of the temptation, but to help one another be faithful to God’s calling. I’m thankful for a church that will sponsor C.A.S.T.

Openness. Because God loves all people. He calls on His church to love everyone as well, even our enemies. It doesn’t tell us to love everyone except the ones struggling with a sin we don’t approve. The goal is not to embrace the sin, but to love the sinner.

Lament. The grief of knowing that my sins sent Jesus to the cross should break our hearts. It should pain us to see the damage that the consequences of our sins have caused. Let us cry over the sin of our country and our own sin.

Outrage. There are people with power and influence who are leading our society and our children down dark and destructive paths.

Praise. “And such were some of you.” Guilt and shame are unbearable, but God’s forgiveness is worth celebrating! True intimacy is not found in sexual relationships, but in communion with God.