Cover 2016-06-05

Ron Writes

Our 20th Annual All Summer Bible Adventure!!!

While cleaning out the garage, we came upon some old VBS and ASBA buttons. When Kyle saw the buttons he exclaimed, “I remember this!” That’s what ASBA is all about. We are making memories. It’s not unusual to hear comments like “I remember the eagle mascot when we were Champions for Jesus” or “Do you remember when it looked like a plane crashed into the building?” There have been so many memorable moments.

There have been so many ASBA Kickoff Sundays that stick in our minds. I want to ask, how many times have we gone over the top, but then again, when didn’t we? The wild themes. The amazing decorations. The creative skits. ASBA has always been special.

At the heart of any Bible adventure must be the Bible. Our children have learned that the Bible is filled with many wonderful stories. It can be fun to go to Bible classes. We have learned through creative storytelling, crafts, games, activities and age appropriate applications. After studying so many stories from the Old Testament and the New, who knows how many lives have been changed, even if they might not remember any class in detail.

Our students have been inspired and challenged. But one of the biggest impacts has been on the teachers. As any teacher knows, the ones who learn the most are the teachers. So many master teachers had their start teaching VBS or ASBA.

This is an important day! We are kicking off another summer of great memories. Every skit, song, game, craft and activity is an opportunity to make a lifelong memory. There’s a job for everyone. If you haven’t found an opportunity to serve, see Allen Berreth. Every job is important. Even those who clean-up provide a valuable service. Everyone is invited to come to the ASBA kickoff barbecue.

May all our students be blessed this summer and may God bless all our teachers.