Cover 2016-03-13

Ron Writes

Proverbs for Parents

“My Son” (1:10; 3:1; 4:1, 10, 20; 5:1; 6:1, 20; 7:1). Proverbs is primarily parental instruction to their children (1:8). Particularly, we see a father speaking. He is engaged and intentional in wanting his children to know wisdom.

What’s required for parents to teach wisdom? They must be wise. It’s one thing to mess up your own life, but once you have children, you’re messing up their lives too. When you have a child, it’s time to grow up. Parents must acquire wisdom. The trouble with our country is not the person leading in the White House, but who’s leading at your house. Be intentional, be engaged, learn wisdom and be wise.

It is time to take a stand! You must take a stand in several areas:

  • Spiritually. Who are you spiritually? What do you truly believe? Are you acknowledging God in all your ways or just when it’s convenient? True wisdom begins with God. Do you have a relationship with God? Take a stand for God.
  • Physically. It’s time for parents to put away childish behavior. Biting nails, being lazy, watching porn, having a cranky, sarcastic attitude and many other things are easy behaviors to fall into as children and teens. But, without a major effort they can take a lifetime to break. A friend said he started smoking when he was 16 to prove that he was a man, and he quit when he was 30 to prove the same thing. It’s time to put away the party life and live soberly. Wisdom begins with the example of parents. Be wise. Live it. Take a stand to take care of your body.
  • Socially. You chose a spouse, now learn to love them. Learn to love him (Tit. 2:4). Learn to show her you love her. Be an example to your children of true Christian love and commitment. Make a commitment to marriage!

When fools hear these kind of admonitions, they conclude that they’re really not that bad. After all, they’re the smartest and wisest people around.

When wise hear words of admonition about wisdom, they realize that they need to change, take a stand and acquire more wisdom.