Cover 2016-02-07

Ron Writes

We did it!

Our series on Revelation has ended. We have read every word. There has been a blessing promised to us (1:3). We did it. Back in September there were moments when I had a few doubts.

A father sent his son to bed, then a few hours later decided it was time for himself to turn in as well. As he went by his son’s room, he noticed light coming from under the door. He went to check things out, but as he got closer to his son’s door, he could hear his son talking inside. The father stood at the door and realized that his son was saying over and over, “if you only knew what I know,” “if you only knew what I know.” The puzzled father opened the door to find his son using a flashlight to read an old dime-store western novel. “What’s going on here” the father demanded, “I thought I told you to go to bed.” The son apologized and said he just couldn’t help it. He told his dad “you see I was half way through this book and everything was going wrong. The bad guys were taking over the town. The good guy in the story had lost everything. He had lost his property, his position and it looked like he was losing his girl as well. It was so terrible and unfair, I just couldn’t handle it any longer, so I turned to the back of the book to find out how it ended. In the end, the bad guys are served justice. The good guy gets his property back, as well as his good name and he ends up marrying his sweetheart” the boy explained. “Now I’ve gone back to where things were so terrible in the story and I just wish the hero knew what I know.”

Revelation was written to disheartened, struggling Christians. They were dealing with severe persecution. When some of them had become Christians, they lost their jobs and businesses. Some had family members who were no longer speaking to them. Some had lost their homes and some had lost even their own lives. How was it all going to turn out? What was going to happen? How could the church continue? Revelation allows us to turn to the last chapter. It is God’s way of encouraging us to not give up. It’s as if God were whispering in our ears, “if you only knew what I know.”

I can describe Revelation in just one word – “Victory.” We won!