Cover 2015-12-20

Ron Writes

Do You Remember This…

It has been my custom for most of my life to pause at the end of the year, take inventory, and give God the glory for all that he has done. Whether your greatest memory for 2015 is good or bad, I pray that you can say “I will praise the Lord!”

One of the great events for the church had to be the addition of Nathan, Ashley, and Ethan Shank when Nathan became our new associate minister focusing on the youth. It was a moving year for them with two moves within the year. They have been a wonderful blessing to the church.

For two of us, the year was highlighted by their decision to be united with Christ in baptism. We rejoice with Connie Branecki (Apr. 1) and Andrew Niiranen (May 14).

Unfortunately, for many this year was marked by sickness and pain. I can’t remember a year that has had more illness than this one. Among those things that have been listed in the bulletin as things we were fighting with have been cancer, shingles, pneumonia, whooping cough, shoulder surgery, broken arm, broken ankle, parathyroid surgery, open heart surgery, knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, eye surgeries, major surgeries, seizures, back pain, biopsies, tests, infections, car accidents, neck pain, perforated appendix, stomach problems, blood clots, emergency room visits, sleep tests, heart problems, open heart surgery, hospitalizations and stroke. It looks like the index of a medical journal. Did I overlook any of your ailments? After looking over this list, you’re not doing too bad after all.

Some have had to deal with deaths in their family. The one that hit most of us was when our 102 year old friend, J.T. McClung passed away.

For others it was a great year of new beginnings with their weddings: Hilda and Felipe Alcantare (Feb. 14), Hayley and Sam Kratz (Apr. 18), and Kristina and Jon Headrick (Aug. 1). Plus, Joanna Reynolds became engaged to Matt Allison with a wedding coming up in 2016.

I’m just getting started and have ran out of room already. (to be continued)