Cover 2015-09-27

Ron Writes

The Open Door

A door standing open in heaven” (Rev. 4:1). I’ve always been fascinated by this door. A door is a concept I can understand. It’s an opening between two areas. It’s a door of hope. It’s a promise that there’s another realm awaiting. It’s a door through which we all will pass. Christians will all face the reality of this spiritual realm.

We’re all faced with two realms. We live in a real world. It can be a dangerous place. It is filled with struggle and stress. There are bills, sickness, doubts, rejection and real pain. At the same time it’s a wonderful life. We have loving relationships. There’s meaning in our life and work. Most of us aren’t in any hurry to leave. Even knowing what awaits us, it’s hard to let go of this world. Death is still the last enemy. No one looks forward to meet this enemy, but it’s the reality. Death will usher us through the open door.

The open door is the promise of another realm. What a wonderful thought. Another realm that is just as real, but spiritual, eternal, heavenly. This life and the next are not filled with hopelessness. God is on His throne. The open door calls on our faith to hear the thunderous voice, see God in control and be assured that He will give us victory! There’s the joyous hope of a better world awaiting.