Cover 2015-08-09

Ron Writes

“You Did It To Me”

We praise God and thank Him. Because of your generosity, the church has been able to assist with a variety of needs over the years.

The church is regularly contacted by those who are looking for food, clothing, shelter and other needs. Thousands of dollars have already been used this year to help our neighbors in need. Members who might have a special need are also encouraged to contact the elders to see how the church might help.

This week a man came looking for help. You were able to welcome him to our services, show him your care and then we were able to help him with his specific needs. His family contacted Steve to express their appreciation to the church.

Today I got a call reminding me that we had helped the Astoria church without doing anything. A brother from the Astoria church called to thank us for backing them up last year. The church in Astoria was in a tight situation. It seems they were a bit slow paying off a loan and were concerned that they might default, potentially putting them in danger of losing their building. As I recall, we told them that if worse came to worse, we would pay off the loan and allow them to pay us back at their own pace. In the end, the money came and they were able to meet their deadline. Since then, they have had some more Christian families move to the area which added more stability to the church. Ken Tipps, the former preacher at Scappoose who is now retired, goes to preach a few weeks a month. They also had a group of “Sojourners” come and help do some upgrades on their building. Then the Kaiser church sent a group of teens to pull weeds, do a variety of jobs and clean up their property. This has been a good year for the Astoria church. Many of our members have continued to attend their programs and support their outreach efforts. My son, Chad, and his family have provided a lot of encouragement to them and Chad has spoken for them on a number of occasions.

Randy Schow, Executive Director for the Mountain States Children’s Home in Colorado also called today. He is making plans to pick up the coin cans we have filled. Over the years we have donated hundreds of dollars to assist their work caring for displaced children. Another residence is being built on their campus that should be completed this month.

Jesus said, “Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me” (Matthew 25:34-40).