Cover 2015-07-12

Ron Writes


Can you believe it, summer is half-way over. Personally, it hasn’t gone exactly like I’d planned, but for the church, it has been great!

My illness and Lynn’s hip replacement have caused me to spend more time resting than I would have liked, but it has been so exciting to see everyone step up to help. A special thanks to all who have called, sent cards and flowers, come by to visit and have made meals for us and especially for all of you who have kept us in your prayers.

John Jones, Nathan Shank, Josh Partlow, Chad Murphy (today) and Jake Doberance (tonight) have brought us some wonderful sermons. I’m especially proud of Nathan for stepping up to the challenge of delivering two Sunday morning sermons while he has kept up his tight schedule of youth activities.

ASBA has been wonderful. A great big thanks to all of our teachers and staff who have made some tremendous memories for our children. The actors and writers of our weekly skits have been a personal highlight for me. They are so creative and the songs are amazing. And, we still get to look forward to going back in time for many more weeks.

Our teens have been enjoying the weekly area-wide TNTs. Thanks to all the drivers and chaperones who have assisted Nathan and the teens. The teens have had many activities, including the recent lock-in, that have allowed them to bond and grow together.

Nathan and Ashley Shank are going to be moving into Pat Steele’s house in the next few weeks.

Our kids have been enjoying Camp Yamhill. Because of generous giving, all of our children have been able to receive generous scholarships to attend camp. Many of our hearty young adults are braving the heat to enjoy a kickball league this summer.

God has blessed us in so many ways this summer. And just think, we’re only half way.