Cover 2015-05-17

Ron Writes

Compassion Ministry

Our Lord is full of compassion and he calls us to follow in his steps.

During our Men’s Leadership Retreat, we began to discuss all of the opportunities we have to show compassion to one another. More often than not, these are our spontaneous responses to the needs we see in front of us. Others like CAST are deliberate, detailed, long-term efforts to show our compassion toward specific needs. As we began to list the many ways we show compassion it was amazing how many things we actually do to reach out to one another. Something else that became apparent was the many ways we could be reaching out that weren’t being actively pursued.

In addition to the discussion we had at our men’s retreat were the numerous discussions we had in our small TWO42 groups on serving. It’s amazing how God works in the life of the church. The elders, seeing the need, were hoping to find someone who would have a heart for this work. Each year, the elders try to meet individually with our deacons and as we began to do this, it became apparent that Jim Bradshaw has a passion for this ministry. Hence, slowly Jim is beginning to transition into this ministry and make it his main focus. At the same time, Allen Berreth indicated that he had a passion for building and grounds. We are already seeing Jim help Allen shift over to building and grounds.

One of the main tasks for our deacons is to try to get as many to assist them as possible. We want to provide avenues of opportunities to serve God. If you have a desire to assist in some way in a compassion ministry, please see Jim Bradshaw and discuss with him how you can use your talents to help. In the same way, if you have a skill that Allen Berreth can use in maintaining our building and grounds, let him know that you would like to be used. You should also remember that none of our ministries are exclusive of the other. In other words, you can be a part in more than one ministry. Just as Jim will continue to use his talents in building and grounds, you may want to be involved in a variety of ways as well.

In two of Paul’s letters, he described the church as a body. Just as each member of our physical body doesn’t have the same job, so we as members of Christ’s body have different skills and passions to be used in God’s service. Also, even though each member might have a different function, it’s important for each member to provide whatever service they can to bring health and growth to the body of Christ.