Cover 2015-05-03

Ron Writes

Honor to Whom Honor is Due

In the history of the Oregon City church, no one has served as a deacon longer than David Reynolds. For nearly 28 years, the church has been blessed by his service. As a deacon he has been on the team responsible for building and grounds. Anyone who has worked with David can attest to his desire to be like Jesus. David’s humble spirit, weird sense of humor and strong work ethic have made him a joy to work alongside. I’m convinced there’s nothing he can’t do or make. He has overcome his share of obstacles, including diabetes that he has struggled with since he was a teen. You will not find anyone who is more highly regarded and respected than our brother David. We are sad that due to his situation he will be stepping down as a deacon. Here is his letter of resignation:

	John, Ron, and Steve,

	It is through much prayer and reflection that I have found it necessary to submit
	this letter of resignation. Ruth Ann’s condition has made me examine many
	things. One has been how ineffective I have been in my role as a deacon lately, I
	could list excuses/reasons for this but the reality remains it is a fact. Therefore I
	realize that in the best interest of the Church I must step out of the way in order
	for things to progress. I pray that this decision will help you as Elders move
	forward in planning without the burden of my situation.

	I have felt honored and blessed to have been able to serve under your guidance
	and leadership as my Shepherds, it has been a privilege to work alongside Jim
	as a fellow deacon, and has been very rewarding to serve and work with the
	Saints here.

	I plan on continuing to help and serve as conditions allow.


	David A Reynolds