Cover 2015-04-26

Ron Writes

Camp Yamhill Scholarship

Considering the number of baptisms every year in the Yamhill River and the number of young people who have the direction of their lives molded by what they learn at camp, I would think that Camp Yamhill is a great tool the church is using to fulfill the commands to preach the gospel to the world and to build up one another. A scholarship fund has been established for our members to make it possible for all our children go to camp. We are trying to make the process as easy as possible. So here is what you need to do:

1. Fill out a Scholarship Form (or clearly write on a piece of paper your name and your camper’s name). Please fill out a different form for each of your children attending.

2. Indicate which camp your camper will be attending.

3. Write a check for the discounted registration fee (payable to: Oregon City church of Christ).

4. IMPORTANT: Turn all the above in to Nathan Shank by this Wednesday, April 29. Please note: these huge discounts can only be offered because we are pre-registering as a group. Registration after April 29 will need to be made directly with the camp at the full rate with no scholarship. (Teen camps are $285 and the other camps are $270).

5. Fill out the Camp Yamhill Registration Form and Medical Release. This is a separate form and needs to be completed and (preferably) turned in with the OC scholarship form or mailed in to camp with a note indicating that it is for a camper with the OC church group registration.

Sr. Teen *(9-12 grade) - $114.
Jr. Teen *(7-8 grade) - $114.
*5th & 6th Grade - $108.
*3rd & 4th Grade - $108.
Challenge Camp - $108.

* Grades completed

If you are unable to pay the full pre registration amount, or if you need to do it in installments, then make the check for what you can afford now.