Cover 2015-03-29

Ron Writes

You Must Know Me To Serve Me

You must know me to serve me” (axiom at Nike). “Like all successful business strategies, this one works because it’s biblical” (Chad Murphy). The focus of our current sessions of TWO42 has been on serving. Week after week, we have focused on scripture that admonishes us to serve. Discussion has brought out the truthfulness of the Nike axiom, we serve the needs that we know when our hearts are filled with compassion.

There’s not a Christian who doesn’t want to be filled with compassion. How often we read of Jesus’ actions that are preceded by “and moved with compassion.” That love in action that reaches out to others in service.

The gap between our compassion and our service is often that lack of knowing one another well enough. The very reason that TWO42 has been so strongly promoted is so we can come to know one another better. There can be numerous reasons for not being part of this small group program, just as there are numerous reasons some don’t attend worship. The irony for me is that too many have not yet connected the dots between serving, compassion and fellowship. There are those who advocate more love and compassion among members, but haven’t made any effort to really get to know Christ’s brethren. On the other hand, there are some who have felt overlooked or not as connected as they want, yet make little effort to share their lives and become known. Whether it’s our desire to serve or our need to be served, it all begins with how well we know each other, talk to one another and love with Christ’s love.

It’s with a great deal of sadness that I see us come to a close of another session of TWO42. Not because I don’t like 6:00 pm worship, I do, “true worshipers must worship.” It’s because it is so hard to fulfill the second greatest commandment without really getting to know one another better. Now that our TWO42 groups are ending for awhile, how do we keep the discussion going? It will take a special effort. For those who haven’t seen the need to go the first mile, it might be hard to go the second mile. For those who have made the connection between serving and fellowship, let us do both!