Cover 2011-12-11

Ron Writes

Do You Remember This?

At the end of every year it has been my tradition to think back over the year and give God thanks for all of His great blessings and ask "Do you remember this?"

For me, this year has been a breath of fresh air. All the elders, preachers and deacons came together in March for a special leaders retreat in Lincoln City. This was an encouraging time to renew, and refocus on our ministries. It was a refreshing time. We also added Scott Swalwell to our list of deacons. Our Men’s Communication Nights have been joyous, positive times to reflect on God’s work here at OC. Do you remember the congregational meeting we also had back in April?

It was also a year of renewal for many others. Elaine Nichol, Felicia Nichol, Breanna Nichol, Alisa Bradshaw, John Martin and Emily Nickell were all born again this past year. Through baptism they were able to be raised by God to walk in newness of life!

This was also a big year for others. We had babies! Judy Headrick, Ryker Haney and Lyla Partlow were all born this year. Aaron Partlow and Lauren Votaw were married on August 6. And there were graduations. John Headrick, Eric Ruhl, and Melissa Nickell all graduated from high school and Leila Reynolds graduated from college. And rumor is that Rhonda Boatner will graduate from college within the next few days.

Our building also got some renewal with a beautifully remodeled downstairs ladies bathroom, new sound booth, rebuilt emergency stairs, some new paint and bright lights.

We are ending the year with some grief that we will be losing the Cook family. At the same time there is an air of anticipation. We are all praying for Ben’s new work and we know that he will be a blessing to Port Orchard as he has been to us. As hard as it is, we know that God’s kingdom will be blessed!

Do you remember ASBA? It was such great fun. Tweens. Teens. TWO42. Sermon series. Guest speakers. ESL. Teacher’s Workshop. Purity Retreat. Ladies activities. Benevolent outreach. Bible Challenge. Q/A. Picnics. Potlucks. Web page...