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Ron Writes: Meet the Members

Meet Scott Swalwell, Sr.

Scott is a local boy, born in Gresham, raised in North Portland. He was “raised in the church” and says “I was baptized when I was old enough to know it was the thing to do.” He’s an Eagle Scout, but admits that he still can’t consistently build a campfire.

He is married to Kim. Neither of them can remember how they first met. Scott met Kim’s brother, Chris Kelley at Camp Yamhill and they continued their friendship at Harding, where they were also good friends with Jacob Moran. Jacob married Scott’s sister and Scott married Chris’s sister.

Scott has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Harding University, completely paid for with scholarships! He is now a Sr. Software Engineer for the TOVA Company. He’s says “I help to develop the world’s most boring video game, a 22-minute test for Attention-Deficit Disorder and other attentional disorders.”

He enjoys music, movies, television and video games. He also enjoys writing and hiking, when he is able. And, he loves to sing. Add to all of this, his love for learning languages. He was fluent in French after four years of high school. A year of Italian at Harding kept him from being arrested in Bologna. Then he took a year of New Testament Greek at Cascade. Finally, he took two years of Spanish at CCC. He’d still like to learn Hebrew, German, Russian, and Chinese, but he’s afraid his left brain is too scrambled now.

His love for singing and language is combined on Sundays when he leads songs in two languages. He performs in and sometimes writes the ASBA skits, and occasionally he teaches Bible classes. His work is often the first thing about the church people see since he maintains the church website,

He’s involved in so much, but he believes that his main ministry is raising his three sons: Scott, Jr. (“Charlie”, 8), Simon (6), and Demetrius (“Dmitri”, 3). They hope to adopt more someday.

He says, “I love the Oregon City Church of Christ, and I hope I can always be an encouragement to the family here.”

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