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To listen to a sermon, click the 'Play' link next to it.


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Are there past sermons you'd like to hear? Let us know! We can probably upload it for you.

¡Tenemos sermónes en español aquí!

Welcome to the Oregon City Church of Christ sermon audio pages. Sermons are in MP3 or WMA (Windows Media Audio) formats. Click the link to download the file--the larger the file, the better the quality.

A few of these audio files are still quite large (around 30 MB), so make note of the size before you begin.

Do we need better quality audio? Are the files too big? Please let us know if you encounter problems.


We have sermons from our ministers and some others.

Sermon Series

Sermons are grouped by preacher or series. Click on the series to see all the sermons available (some series are incomplete because of technical problems).

(We're using a different system that should make posting sermons faster and easier.)

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